We want to raise good humans – kids that spot injustice and stand for equity. But now with school out, where do we start? To help families this summer, Little Feminist and Rebel Girls are hosting a Summer Reading Adventure!

Diverse Summer Reading Adventure

How it works:
  1. Enter your email above to get our Reading Adventure Printable PDF, and then start reading! Keep track of the books you read on your Reading Adventure board.
  2. Need help finding great stories to fill your square? Each week we’ll email you book lists, podcast links, and read-alouds to help you complete your Reading Adventure board.
  3. If/when you complete your entire Reading Adventure board, take a photo and send it to hello@littlefeminist.com for a PRIZE (while supplies last):


1st 150 readers win a Rebel Girls Journal.*
2nd 150 readers win a Little Feminist magnifying glass.*
3rd 150 readers win Little Feminist buttons.*
summer reading adventure prizes

*While we are offering FREE prizes, we are unable to offer free shipping on said prizes. Parents/caregivers will receive 100% off coupons for the reading prize and must pay for shipping at checkout.