Little Feminist pink kid's shirt in action

Why am I so happy about last night’s election?

It wasn’t a blue wave.
It wasn’t a red wave.
It was a technicolor wave.

I was surprised to wake up this morning celebrating my country and this company, feeling proud of the congressional diversity we voted into office. Just as we look for a great diverse children’s books to feature in our monthly children’s book club, it is so encouraging to see the same barriers broken in Congress.

In the House, the female voice is going to be more prominent than ever. A record-breaking 100 females will serve in the House next year. The previous record was 85.

Politics aside, many of those voted in on Tuesday are groundbreakers:

When I started Little Feminist, it was my antidote to the gut blow of the 2016 election. This election provided reassurance. That the light at the end of the tunnel might be hope, not a train.

And this isn’t just about me or my company. That’s why this is a smile that will stay for a while.

It’s a smile for the 400-plus people that backed our Kickstarter campaign when we needed it the most with the message, “We need Little Feminist to keep growing.”

It’s a smile for the volunteers that pour into my living room each and every month to help pack Little Feminist book boxes, knowing the joy and empathy that will expand a child’s world.

It’s a smile knowing that today is better than yesterday.

Children’s books must represent the diversity of our country, so must our elected officials. That’s why THIS technicolor wave is so vital. Our littlest generation gets to look up to more than athletes and entertainers because they’re starting to see folks that look like them on the Hill too.


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