About Us

Little Feminist Team 2023

Our feminism is intersectional, which means it’s anti-racist, body-positive, trans & gender-fluid inclusive, and challenges ableism & classism.

What We Do

1. Curate

Our team of educators and parents search high and low for the most amazing diverse books. We read through hundreds!

2. Analyze

To ensure we deliver the best inclusive books each month, only the most exceptional stories make it through our 5-6 month analyzing and testing process.

3. Amplify

Once our books are selected, we create discussion questions and activities to help the book (and its important themes) come alive at home.

Why We Started

While I was working at Babylist.com, I noticed it was way too hard to find books featuring, and by, Black, Indigenous and people of color, LGBTQI+ families, and folks with disabilities (to name a few).

I felt called to do something, so I quit my job and started interviewing families asking how we could help them diversify their bookshelves. The feedback was overwhelming: the people wanted a “feminist book club for kids”, and so LittleFeminist.com was born.

Each and every month, we curate the best diverse books the globe has to offer, so you can focus on raising your brave AND kind humans.

You can count on us to spread the stories too often ignored by mainstream publishing.

And when we can’t find the books we know you want on your family’s shelf, well… we might end up publishing them ourselves.

Here’s to raising good humans one story at a time!

<3 Britt

Meet the Team

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Content Developer
“I’m a bi-racial Xicanista educator, living and teaching internationally with my husband and daughter.”
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Happiness Hero
“I am a Filipina bookworm who is a Fur-mom of 2 and a Plant-mom to a hundred.”
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Founder & CEO
“I’m a White, cisgender mother. We live on taken Ohlone land (Oakland, CA). I’m passionate about diverse books and accessible sports.”
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Content Developer
“I am a Chicana author with roots from San Luis Potosi, Mexico who is passionate about the power of children’s kidlit and the impacts books can have to unite, develop empathy, and teach us about the world.”
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Content Developer
“I’m a Black American cisgender woman, wife, mama, and curriculum specialist residing in metro Portland, OR. I’m passionate about children’s literature that highlights BIPOC joy and diversity.”
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Head of Operations
“I am a Malay, Muslim woman and an aunty to five amazing humans.”
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Content Director
“I’m a biracial (Chinese & Slovak) cisgender woman and lifelong learner, who loves going on adventures with my two curious children and partner. I believe in the power of storytelling to transform our beliefs and behaviors for the better.”
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“​​I’m a Japanese Peruvian American artist and writer, living in Los Angeles with my husband, our two rambunctious kiddos and one nutty pup.”
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Content Developer
“I’m a queer, white, Jewish, cis-gender mom of twins, living and teaching second grade in Oakland, California (Ohlone land).”

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