About Us

What We’re About

Intersectional Feminism

Our feminism is intersectional, which means it’s anti-racist, body-positive, trans & gender-fluid inclusive, and challenges ableism & classism.

What We Do


Our team of educators and parents search high and low for the most amazing diverse books. We read through hundreds!


Only the most exceptional stories make it through our 5-6 month analyzing and testing process.


Once our books are selected, we create discussion questions and activities to help the book (and its important themes) come alive at home.

Books You Can Expect

Our books proudly and prominently feature under-represented identities in children’s literature. We love stories about characters living at the intersection of identities too (e.g. a story about a gender-nonconforming and Indigenous kiddo)!

Own Voices Stories

If a main character is part of an underrepresented group, then we prefer the author/illustrator identifies as part of the same group.

Breaking gender norms

We love stories that defy gender stereotypes – girls that love trains, and boys that love dressing like queens, and kids that live beyond the binary.

Diverse bodies & families

We celebrate all bodies and brains, and we love featuring family structures often ignored by mainstream publishing too!

Meet the Team

Britt (She/Her)

Founder & CEO

“I am a White, cis-gendered mother. We live on stolen Ohlone land (Oakland, CA). I’m passionate about diverse books and accessible sports.”

Liyana (She/Her)

Operations Manager

“I am a Malay, Muslim woman and an aunty to five amazing humans.”

Shuli illustration

Shuli (She/Her)

Content Lead

“I am a Chinese Malaysian American woman, educator, and mama to two spirited daughters.”

Sara (She/Her)

Content Developer

“I am a bi-racial cis-gender woman, mothering two wild kiddos, teaching magical preschoolers & dancing daily in the beautiful city of Oakland.”

Ashia (They/Them, She/Her)

Book Consultant

“I’m an autistic muti-racial, 2nd gen settler born & living in Massachusettes, on land taken from the Wampanoag.”

Sarah (She/Her)


“I’m a Japanese, Peruvian American woman, an artist at heart, wife and mom to a baby boy and a nutty pup who always keeps me on my toes.”

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