While working at BabyList.com, I noticed children’s books were missing something: diversity. Whether you looked at the characters represented or the authors themselves, it was hard to find stories representing our diverse world…and I felt called to take action.

Inspired to help families diversify their bookshelves, I quit my job and started interviewing parents, and conducting surveys – I even held focus groups in my mom’s living room! The feedback was overwhelming: parents, guardians, and friends all wanted a “feminist book club for kids.” So we built one, and Little Feminist was born.


The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the genders
-Merriam Webster

Little Feminist specially curates all of our subscription boxes by age. Our books are selected by a team of educators, librarians, and parents who spend 5-6 months researching, reading and testing each of those stories. We also send discussion questions and a DIY activity to help facilitate important conversations about the themes in each book box.

We’re here to help you raise brave AND kind humans through our curated book selection and paired activities. We’re here to tell the stories so often ignored by mainstream publishing. We’re here for you and the coming generation of little feminists.