Photographer Trade Program


What’s Little Feminist?

Little Feminist is a book box subscription (for 0-9-year-olds) that features strong female characters and Black, Indigenous, people of color because the majority of children’s books don’t. Book publishers say they aren’t publishing diverse books because of low demand. We see infinite demand, and we’re working with teachers, librarians, parents, and kids to create the best children’s book club ever.


Why are we looking for photographers?

Our product speaks for itself, which is why we want to spread photos of real kids and families enjoying our monthly book picks and accompanying activities. We believe photos taken by actual parents (often on their phones!) are even more compelling than shooting models in stagged settings.


How does our Photographer Trade Program work?

Each month we’ll send you our book club boxes for free (we’ll send the correct age range to each of your kids).  In exchange, we ask that you share 2-5 photos/videos with us each month. We will utilize these photos in social media, email, marketing, and on our website. Occasionally we’ll have a prompt for your photos (e.g., this month take a photo of the Little Feminist box).


How do I apply?

Our application process for our 2021 Photo Trade Program is closed. But, to apply for our 2022 program – you are welcome to fill out our quick and easy form right here.