Little Feminist does all the work for you (because you have enough on your plate)! Our books-of-the-month are selected by a team of educators, librarians, and parents. We spend ~6 months researching, reading, and testing each of our monthly book boxes for each age group.

Another reason we love picking books for you is to help your little’s bookshelf becomes as diverse as possible. No matter how much we challenge our implicit biases, it’s all too easy to be drawn to stories that represent like experiences. Our book club members love that we send books they’d never find or purchase naturally!

5 days before each auto-renewal, we will send you an email reminder. If you don’t see this email in your inbox, know there is a possibility that this reminder is in your spam folder.

Unfortunately, we do not. We do recommend signing up for our Monthly Email Membership to receive our book picks and activity PDFs each month. We used to offer international shipping, but the cost to ship became so high we felt uncomfortable even offering it.

This name came from the Family Letter kiddos typically receive from their teachers to bring back to their parents, giving updates and feedback. In our case, Little Feminist’s book team writes our families each month to describe why we love, and ultimately picked, the book(s)-of-the-month, along with some book-specific reading tips.

Please read littlefeminist.com/submissions to learn what we look for and to understand our process for selecting our monthly book picks.

We want you to be happy with your Little Feminist books, but if you’re not, then we offer free returns (within 14 days) with free return shipping. Please email hello@littlefeminist.com to start your return.

Our team lives/works around the United States. Our core team members are based in Oakland, California, and we store and ship our monthly boxes in our state’s capital. =) Our mailing address is 2625 Alcatraz Ave, #168, Berkeley, CA, 94705. The absolute fastest way to get in touch with us is via email at hello@littlefeminist.com.

Login to your Little Feminist account at littlefeminist.com/my-account. Once you’re logged in, click on “Manage subscription.” There you can edit your shipping address and payment method.

Yes, your membership will be auto-renewed on the 1st of the month after all of the book boxes you’ve paid for have been shipped. If you want to modify, skip your next delivery, or cancel your subscription, you can email us at hello@littlefeminist.com

Once your monthly box is shipped, we will send you an email notification together with a tracking number.

Login to your Little Feminist account at littlefeminist.com/my-account. Once you’re logged in, click on “Manage subscription.” There you will be able to edit the age-range of your subscription. You can also email to hello@littlefeminist.com with the recipient name, and we will assist with the age changes.

Great question! All Little Feminist book club subscriptions ship each month of the subscription term. Why? Beause we want to help families integrate diverse stories into their lives as frequently as possible. We send 1-2 books (plus discussion questions and activities) each month, and our book club members love looking forward to their book box each month.

We ship book club boxes every single month. One of the reasons we’ve decided to ship books every month is because we want our families to integrate diverse stories into their lives as frequently as possible.

This is a great question! If the boxes are shipping to different kids that live at different addresses, you need to place the orders separately because you can only enter one shipping address for each LittleFeminist.com transaction.

If you are purchasing for 2 kids living in the same household, you can select the appropriate age group for each child and add it to your cart. Once your subscriptions for each child are in your cart, you can checkout.

If you are sending a box to multiple kids within the same household and want to alternate between different age groups each month, you can do so by logging in to your account. For further assistance, you can email us at hello@littlefeminist.com.

Our warehouse packs and sends out orders twice a week. New orders are shipped on the closest shipment date while our monthly subscription boxes are sent within the first week of the month. We use USPS Media Mail, which can take up to 9-10 working days to deliver packages depending on your location, especially because they deprioritize book packages when they get busy. International shipping may take longer to arrive.

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