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Hey! Hi! Hello! We’re so happy you’re here.

Since we launched 2 years ago, we’ve been asked countless times:

  • “How does Little Feminist work for schools?”
  • “Can I donate a book club subscription to my child’s teacher?”
  • “Is there a special Little Feminist option for teachers and librarians?”

Here’s our answer!

Our School / Educator Influencer Program Starts Today!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this mini-application. Within 24-48 hours, you’ll receive your unique $5 OFF COUPON CODE via email. We only have space for 100 schools/educators, so do apply soon!
  2. Share your belief in diverse books and your $5 off coupon code with your students, families, fans and friends. We’ll email you each time your coupon is successfully used.
  3. Get 3-months of our books FREE, for every 2 Little Feminist sign-ups you inspire. So, for example, if you encourage 6 families to try us out, then you’ll get 9-months of Little Feminist book club for free! No strings. No gimmicks. Pinky promise. P.S. You’ll get downloadable copies of each book club activity too.

Got questions? We’re here for you at

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  • Blair Pettrey Staples

    This seems like a hard thing for educators to do because they are bound by things in their contracts. But us parents could do it on the flip side (Sorry this is just my marketing head thinking) and encourage our students friends (uncles aunts grandparents etc) to donate to their home rooms teachers class for six months of books or something like that or to their schools library x 4 subscriptions or something like that. That way teachers aren’t having to sell to their parents and students.

    I would like to start.

    I would like to gift a 3 month subscription during this hard time for all of us – even if my daughter may sadly never go back to her pre-k class and school, to her pre-k class and school. Please invoice me.

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