Photo of Diverse Summer Reading Program PDF and books

How it works:
  1. Enter your email above to download our printable Reading Program PDF, and then start reading! Keep track of the books you read on your board.
  2. Need help finding great stories to fill your square? (Now you know what important stories are missing from your shelf!) We’ll email you book lists, activity links, and read-alouds to help you complete your Reading Program board.
  3. If/when you complete your entire Reading Program board, take a photo and send it to for a FREE* PRIZE (while supplies last). Caregiver tip: encourage your kiddos with “mini-reading goals” rewarding them for finishing each row of the board – that’s why we designed it like a bingo board!

The prizes are real, photos of summer reading program prize options

*While we are offering FREE prizes, we are unable to offer free shipping on said prizes. Parents/caregivers will receive 100% off coupons for the reading prize and must pay $4.95 for shipping at checkout.

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