Best Books featuring diverse families

The Best 10 Books Featuring Diverse Families

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Every family should be able to see themselves throughout the pages of books. From queer families to single-parent families, love is what makes them all. Here are our favorite 10 books featuring diverse love-filled families. 


We are Little Feminist: Families

  • For ages 0-5 

This is one of our in-house books featuring all types of families!

What We Love: This book highlights diverse families and kiddos, touching on gender identity and sexuality.

Things to Know: Let your kiddos wonder about gender pronouns and expressions as they observe the people on each page.


Love Makes a Family

  • For ages 0-3 

This inclusive board book pairs repetition with diverse illustrations to showcase a broad range of families and how they show love. Ultimately, it is love and not gender that form a family. 

What We Love: Love Makes a Family is a small book that evokes big emotions. The fun, bright illustrations depict a wide variety of families — including multiracial, queer, and single parent. 

Things to Know: While this book is highly inclusive, we would have loved to see even more representation like families with members who have disabilities, gender non conforming adults and kids, and gender variance in how characters dressed.


Littles and How They Grow

  • For ages 0-3

Dedicated to babies, this lyrical board book features families of all kinds!

What We Love: In Littles and How They Grow, sweet rhymes list the copious ways we give love to our children. We appreciate the many different family configurations represented in the book and the racial diversity in the beautifully drawn characters. 

Things to Know: The author of this book is a white woman, but A.G. Ford, the illustrator, is Black.


When Aidan Became a Brother 

  • For ages 3-6

When Aidan Became a Brother, celebrates trans kids and new siblings. 

What We Love: The story centers on Aidan, a trans boy, who shows the depth and complexity of gender identity. Aidan shows us there are many ways of being a boy, and there are many ways of being a kid.

Things To Know: This is an authentic #OwnVoices story told by a trans-identifying author and black Asian-American illustrator. 


Feel Better Daddy

  • For ages 1-3

Uh oh! Daddy is sick! But don’t worry, his kiddo is ready to help him feel better.

What We Love: This touching board book helps teach children care-taking and empathy (and is part of a series focused on feelings). Through the minimalist illustrations, the little girl examines how she can help her father feel better — from reading him a story to drawing him a picture.

Things To Know: Books rarely show fathers as the primary caregiver, so we’re happy this book does!  


Tia Isa Wants a Car

  • For ages 3-7 

This is a story of determination with a loving aunt-niece relationship. 

What We Love:  The unnamed niece in the story is living with her aunt and her uncle as she waits for her parents to migrate to the U.S. This provides an opening to discuss family separation with your little feminist(s). 

Things to Know: This story is the author’s tribute to her very own Tía Isa.


My Abuelita

  • For ages 4-7 

Full of unique multimedia illustrations, My Abuelita is a funny and endearing story about a boy who has great admiration for his grandmother and the work she does.

What We Love:  The way the grandchild cares for his grandmother as she goes through her daily routine is incredibly sweet and demonstrates that everyone has a role to play in a family. This book also flips the elderly persona on its head as the Abuelita is the sole breadwinner and has an enthusiastic personality. My Abuelita is also incredibly interactive in nature (you’ll be yodeling alongside Abuelita and Frida Kahlo, the cat), and you’ll light up with joy when you discover what Abuelita’s job is at the end!  

Things to Know:  The illustrations in this book are done by one of our favorite voices in literature: Yuyi Morales. Her handmade fabric and polymer-clay sculptures and settings breathe life into My Abuelita’s pages.


A Family is a Family is a Family

  • For ages 4-7 

The ending of this book steals the show! In her classroom, the narrator is hesitant to share what makes her family special, thinking no one’s family is like hers. You soon discover her classmates have all sorts of families! 

What We Love: This book beautifully smashes stereotypes around what makes a family “real.” It is also told from the perspective of children and expresses a voice of innocence and love. We also adore the whimsical illustrations that are similar to the style of Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline.

Things to Know: If you look closely at the illustrations, you will notice even more families than just the ones discussed by the class. There is even a dog family unit on the back cover!


My FootPrints

  • For ages 5-8 

Journey with Thuy (Twee) through nature, experience her emotions, and discover mythical creatures we can all relate to. Explore how knowing where we come from can help us uncover our strengths. 

What We Love: Not only does this book tackle inclusivity, but it paves the way for discussions about bullying as well. Throughout the book, Thuy’s footprints seem to echo her emotions, first starting off jagged and rough and then ending in hearts formed with her moms’ help.

Things to Know: Be sure to read the notes at the end of the book detailing the cultural background and symbolism of the mythical creatures mentioned in the story.


Happy Like Soccer

  • For ages 5-9 

This is a bittersweet story about Sierra’s love for soccer and love for her aunt.

What We Love: Sierra’s drive to make it possible for her aunt to come and see one of her soccer games is inspiring.

Things to Know: While the author of this book is a white woman, it is still a lovely story featuring POC characters.


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